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I'm Danielle.

Working as an extension of your team, I can help you phrase your proposition and make words work for your business.


As a former marketing manager myself, I always felt I didn't have the time to do content marketing and copywriting justice.

I enjoyed it, I understood its value, and I wanted to do more of it.

Danielle Brown - Freelance Copywriter -

But despite all the will in the world, there were always more pressing (or so it seemed) things to deliver.

The reality was that the intricacies of marketing had grown so far beyond the remit of a generalist marketing role that it was near impossible to wear so many different hats.


And it was this reality that made me drop the 9-5 in favour of a freelance career.


If you’re a busy marketing professional, small business owner or start-up entrepreneur, I want to help you do your content marketing justice without blowing your budget. 


With no overheads to cover and no staff to pay, I’m a freelance fix to your frustrations.


I’m transparent with my pricing and offer a number of packages and retainer options that allow you to choose the level of support that’s right for your business.


With a degree in Advertising Management and an IDM Digital Marketing qualification under my belt, I’m a copywriter that can draw upon years of hands-on marketing experience.


So I get it. I understand the challenge of trying to shoehorn your content marketing in alongside the many other demands of your role, be it marketing or running your business. 


I’ve worked in B2B and B2C marketing roles in the property, travel, engineering and recruitment industries. And I’ve written everything from company websites and brand guidelines, to blog articles, newsletters, email campaigns and press adverts.


When it comes to marketing, there is no substitute for carefully crafted content and compelling copy - and that’s what I’ve set out to help businesses like yours achieve.

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